About Us

DMG Creative Solutions was founded in the spring of 2016 to serve as a a one stop shop for the creative services needs of businesses and individuals.


The brainchild of Oceanside, CA based writer, photographer, and designer, Don Gomez, we pride ourselves on being a place where brand identities are born. This is achieved by pairing well researched marketing strategies with the words and pictures to make them come alive. As a practice, it is difficult to define exactly what we do, but those with requirements for copy, photo, or design have found our help invaluable. 

As creative professionals, we enjoy the freedom and flexibility of constantly embarking on new projects and creating art where before there was nothing. We recieve immeasurable satisfaction from bringing a brand out of obscurity  by creating deliverables which resonate with people.


We especially enjoy being able to help people achieve their vision and that shows in everything we do from writing a 250 word product description, to shooting a 250 guest wedding, to creating graphics for a billboard 250 feet off the ground. Regardless of your creative services needs, DMG Creative Solutions has the answer.